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At MJD Designer Homes, our mission is to improve our customers' living standards. We view every project as a commitment and opportunity to change our world for the better, aesthetically, functionally and environmentally. We aim to go above and beyond, ensuring every aspect of the development is fulfilled to the highest standards. We believe that meticulous attention to the finer details is key to creating such exclusive properties.
Commitment to Quality

Our professional team ensures every aspect of the design, from start to finish, is flawlessly executed. We use quality products that have been locally sourced, to reduce our carbon footprint.


We are committed to upholding strong, long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders, to ensure a smooth and fast transformation.

Forward Thinking

We understand that it is essential to be a forward-thinking company. In a fast-paced industry, we manage this by using contingency planning and being versatile in our work.

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Launching early 2022, eight luxury homes coming soon in Blackboys
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Explore a range of the projects we undertake; designing across a broad array of project types.

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