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How we work

Your guide to the simple, 5 step process for completing your voiceover project.
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Enquiry received

We are always delighted to get your enquiry. Once we receive this, we will communicate with you about any further information we need. We will then assess the project and provide a budget, some exceptional voice samples, and a timeline for the project.

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Identifying the perfect voice

On some occasions where the voices’ showreels don't highlight the style that you require, we are always happy to ask a voice to do a short, free bespoke demo of your script in your desired style. This can be a great way of identifying the perfect voice.

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Book session

Once the live voiceover session is booked we will send you a link for listening-in to the session. We can also use Teams, Zoom, Google Meets, Skype etc.

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Produce in person or remotely

During the session you will be able to communicate with the artist and our producer in real time. Your input is really valuable. It enables us to work as a team and achieve the best possible result.

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Edit and post-production

When the session is finished, we then edit and post-produce your chosen takes and provide a link for you to download the audio.

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