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Synagogue & Mikvah

The Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation (BHHC)

About The Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation


BHHC has been located at 29-31 New Church Road, Hove for six decades. Previously home to three 1930s villas, the Ashkenazi Jewish community in Brighton acquired the original Synagogue, built by William Willett in 1959. Over the years, the needs of the community have changed and BHHC are delighted to return to their new Synagogue under the continued leadership of Rabbi Rader.

The Synagogue

The stunning new BHHC Synagogue is the jewel in the crown of our community hub. Of purist design, the synagogue has been built to create a peaceful, spiritual oasis. The building is a single-storey of double height with natural light from above. The blue glazed terracotta screen, which surrounds the building to the south enhances the dappled light effect within, and is a real signature piece for our community hub.

Weekly Services

The synagogue holds weekly services on Friday night and Shabbat morning, as well as other days in the week and during High Holidays. All are welcome to join, with or without synagogue membership. You can also look forward to delicious Kiddushim in our adjoining Community rooms after regular Shabbat services. In addition, our on-site restaurant will offer pre-bookable Friday night dinners and Shabbat lunches.


In establishing the infrastructure to sustain Jewish life in Brighton & Hove, we are proud to have built a beautiful new Mikvah for our community. A Mikvah is a natural pool of water traditionally used for achieving spiritual purity, and holds special significance to the cycle of life, particularly for Jewish women. Rabbi Rader worked closely with Rabbi Posen, a world-leading expert in Mikvah construction, to ensure an outstanding design that complies with religious law.

Interested in membership at the BHHC Synagogue?

If you are interested in joining the Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation Synagogue weekly services or to use the mikvah,  please do get in touch with their team by sending an email.