Calling all Year 12 students and mentors!

“If I have seen further than other men it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”Sir Isaac Newton

Mentoring is a tried and tested practice, that even the most successful people throughout history have drawn upon to accomplish their achievements.

Recognising the impact of mentoring, education charity, ORT UK, has helped thousands of sixth-form students receive careers guidance from a mentor through The ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme. Each year, volunteers from a huge range of industries are assigned to help Year 12 students, who are attempting to navigate the pathways into a potential career.

Created in 2009 in two Jewish schools with 30 pairings, the programme now operates in 14 London schools, with 350 mentors offering 1:1 advice and support. In addition, ORT JUMP is also working with Jewish charities, JW3 Gateways and Langdon, helping vulnerable young people and those with learning difficulties to gain employability skills and enter the jobs market with confidence.

To find out more about the programme and to sign up, click here.

Due to the success of the programme, ORT UK is keen to launch The ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme in Brighton, with the support of the BNJC!

• If you live in Brighton or the surrounding area, are in Year 12 and would like to be matched with a mentor currently working in the career that you aspire to join, please get in touch.


• If you are working in a profession and would like to offer careers advice to a Year 12 student, we would love to hear from you. You will meet with your mentee either in person or online and follow a framework – offering guidance on CVs, applications, interview technique and paths into your profession. Full training is provided by our team.

Our mentees say:
“My ORT JUMP experience has been unique, informative and memorable. I’ve learned what the job entails, how to write a good CV, been interviewed and discussed how to apply my best qualities to the job. This insight has equipped me with the skills and information to pursue this career.”
“I am so grateful to ORT JUMP for connecting me with my mentor and for the amazing opportunities that are constantly being offered. I strongly maintain that this experience will change the path I wish to take for my future and it has certainly allowed me to JUMP forwards in terms of career options – an opportunity not many people are given.”

Our mentors say:
“This is my fifth year of mentoring. I love the process because it’s not just a sharing of knowledge – I’ve also felt I’ve learnt something new from each mentee.”
“Being a mentor is incredibly rewarding. The two men I mentor are both interesting and interested -they are a pleasure to speak to. Together, we’ve written excellent CVs, entered writing competitions and secured exciting work experience. I am truly proud of both of them and enormously grateful to ORT JUMP for connecting us.”